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The Discovery Process is the key to our work at Price Support Network. Our role is to guide and support you through this process so that you ultimately find a job that reflects what you enjoy doing and your unique skills. Each process will be personalized and will vary to each job seekers needs and interests, community and network. The steps will be as follows:

Initial meeting for job seeker to learn about Discovery Process and Price Support Network


Home and Neighborhood Visit


Reaching out to people that know the job seeker well to learn about the person’s gifts


Based on information learned, job seeker will go on learning journeys which are hands on experiences to learn about jobs of interests. The number of visits will be based on the interests of the person


Job themes will be developed based on what was learned during the learning journeys


The person’s circle of support will come together to discuss next steps based on what was learned during the learning journeys


What are the steps?

What will the process be like?

Based upon what we discover from the first meeting and findings, we will customize a job search program to desires and needs.  This would include exploration of different opportunities by visiting job sites and interviewing people that are in job fields of interest, so we can figure out where to target the job search.  

This work will be both in person, and some personal preparation outside of in person meetings. Our goal is to help individuals find the best job fit in order to have long-term success. We take a holistic view of folks we work with, so if there are other areas of your life where you’d like support, we' are open to exploring that.

We work with employers to find a job for individuals. Once the person is placed in a job, we provide ongoing job coaching.

We are very intentional about feedback and communication, so if there are any questions, we are excited to work through those together.

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