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A central part of Price Support Network and customized supported employment are learning journeys. Through the initial discovery phase, Price Support Network learns about the gifts, skills, and interests of job seekers. This information is then used to determine what might be a good fit as far as potential jobs. Job seekers visit a variety of job sites, have conversations, and explore various work environments based on their interests. 

EMPLOYERS- We need your help!

The success of our learning journeys is dependent on employers and professionals that volunteer their time to share about their work. 

  • Our job seekers will learn from you about your work. Most job seekers will come with questions or things they want to learn about.

  • We want to work with your availability. Learning journeys usually last 45 min to 2 hrs.

  • We ask that you find a hands on way to engage with the job seeker, as this work enhances the experience.

What do we ask of your time?

Job Seeker on a learning Journey

  • There is no expectation that a paid job will come of this visit. The goal is simply to learn. If it seems that there could be employment, we’re excited to have those conversations after exploring all the learning journeys.

How would it work / What are the next steps?

  • If you are interested in sharing about your work / hosting a learning journey with a job seeker through Price Support Network, you can reach out to us through the contact form below, or by emailing

  • As we are supporting individuals on a learning journey, a job coach or Price Support Network staff person would accompany the job seeker during the 45 min - 2hr learning journey at your workplace which we schedule based on your availability. 

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