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Price Support Network Staff Gathering

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

The Price Support Network team gathered for our first collaborative staff meeting time on Tuesday February 25th. We spent the day together connecting as humans, visioning about our shared values, needs, and goals in our work together. We were also grateful to create a learning space where we were excited to welcome and work with Derona King and Arron Lichkey from Citizen Advocacy. We also spent time celebrating and collaborating around how to best support the folks we work with seeking employment. Grateful for this growing and invested team!

One of our readings during the day was an excerpt from a book called "Turning Towards One Another." The excerpt reads:

"Very few of us want to continue down the path of separation, or to contribute to more hatred and aggression. If we’re going to reweave the world rather than have it disintegrate, we need new ways to understand diversity and differentness. What if we approached each other from our uniqueness?"


For more information on the work of Citizen Advocacy, you can visit their website here:

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